Can an Unmatched board be used as a standalone computer?

Hello everyone,
the title says it all: can an Unmatched board be used as a standalone computer (with the likely addition of a graphics card)?
I mean something you can plug a monitor, keyboard and mouse into, and use it like a regular PC.

From the documentation, I got the idea that it can be used only through another computer (the console), but I might have got it wrong.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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The simple answer is yes.

The more complex answer is that it may work soon after release. However, if standalone, easy to use RISC-V desktop computer is your goal, then give it perhaps 6 months. That will give people time to get the software more stabilized. You can re-visit in a few months to see if the software side is good for your needs.

When I bought an ARM64 laptop, some of the other buyers expected it to be perfect from day 1. (They bought it because, well, it was cheap and bonus that is was open source.) I knew better, as the vendor clearly stated their was a lot of software work needed.

Just my opinion

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