Boot time for hifive Fu540 board

(Amith S) #1

Hello all,

I am working with hifive Fu540 evaluation board,
Using yocto build system to bring up with new meta Riscv porting, after build in yocto while booting up its taking long time in the beginning to boot with out any log can any body know what is happening.

(Rakesh) #2

Hi amith,

While booting from SD card , there is 32MB raw code from second partition is copied from SD card to board so its almost 16 secs.

The current booting process is,

(Amith S) #3

Thanks Rakesh,
Is there any possibilities to reduce. If possible can you share the details.

(Rakesh) #4

yes, u can modify script in wic file, just go through it, here, you can find all the details relates to the partitions, alignment, and the raw copy details.