Arduino High Precision Digital Clock


The Arduino high-precision digital clock is a multi-module DIY combination that assembles the required modules and writes a simple program to achieve the desired function.The whole experiment is easy to make, without welding and easy to understand. In the experiment, we used Arduino UNO as the main control board to process the clock data and control 1602 display provided by DS3231. The DS3231 clock module sends clock information and temperature information to the Arduino through the IIC. The 1602 displays the current time and temperature (DS3231 integrates temperature sensor) and the alarm status.Each module has a division of labor and cooperation, and the experimental circuit is simple and versatile, suitable for beginners.

Function Display
Time display and setting
Date display and settings
temperature display
Week display and settings
Alarm switch and settings
Alarm tone

Products Used
The Most Complete UNO Starter Kit

Project code download