Any HiFive Unleashed for sale?


I can’t find it available anywhere. Any plans for selling more?
If anyone can help or wants to sell one of their own, please let me know.

Thank you



Hifive Unleashed board available in this site.

Thank you,


Hi Sateesh,
Are you sure? It says “No longer available” for me.

(Jim Wilson) #4

HiFive Unleashed boards are sold out, and we aren’t planning on making more. I do expect that a follow on board will eventually be available.


Appreciate the reply.
I hope I can get a used one then. If anyone is interested, please feel free to DM me.

(Joshua Klein) #6

Does this mean the HiFive Unleashed expansion board will no longer be sold as well? I just noticed that it appears unavailable for order too.

(Jim Wilson) #7

The expansion boards are made by Microsemi not SiFive. But yes, it appears that they are sold out too, and it seems unlikely that they will make more.

(Anton Krug) #8

DM me if you are interested in the expansion board